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  1. a) Irish Festivals In The United States – This category is a broad survey of Irish festivals. My goal here is to inspire anyone who read the blog by presenting the information on how Irish festivals are embedded in American culture, and are celebrated by those of Irish heritage and those with no Irish blood in any way. Based on Irish news and events and their own publicity the following may be regarded the greatest Irish Festivals or the Dublin Irish Festival in America -: Bethlehem Celtic Classic, North Wildwood Irish Fall Festival, Chicago Celtic Fest, Milwaukee Irish Fest, Green Lane Park Scottish Irish Festival and more (For further list, explore the page). I sincerely hope that ‘Irish Festivals in the United States’ provide for its readers an enjoyable reading experience while imparting knowledge as well.
  2. b) Irish Celebrity News – Well, the fact is we are hardwired to gossip and even worship Celebrities. These are the people who provide for us a great deal of enjoyment and entertainment (on-screen and off screen). Both their mistakes and pointers are a learning experience for us. Thus, the goal of this category is to bring in the latest news about your favorite Irish celebrities. For more information about your favorite Irish celebrity you can check our post.
  3. c) Irish Traditions and Observance – We all know that Irish tradition is hundreds of years old regardless some of which are still seen as typical customs for families (irrespective of their present location). The goal of this blog category is to help the World know and understand not only the present status of Irish cultural life style and tradition, but how they were celebrated in the past. Some of our recent posts in this category include – Irish Funeral Traditions, ST Patricks Day Traditions, Irish ASHY-Soup and Traditional Scottish Gifts. Either way, this category is my personal favorite and is an excellent place to know about various cultural/traditional aspects of Ireland.
  4. d) Cool Bits From The Green Isle – Each week, I will be discussing and providing my readers with cool bits from the Green Isle from Traditional Irish Coffee cupcakes, Irish Dance With An Amazing Style, Irish Beauty Secrets to Skincare Reviews From Irish Celebrity. All in all, this category will be a valuable resource for our everyday discussions and chit chat.
  5. e) Wisdom And Wit – For readers who have interest in knowing more about the Irish Curses, History of Irish Wit, Irish Humor Story, Irish Proverbs, this category is best to suit their taste and curiosity. I hope all you enjoy joining me to this journey of exploring the Ireland’s traditional folklore.
  6. f) Irish Music – Music has big influence on Ireland’s culture and has accomplished for a long time, especially the Irish family tartans. This category will focus on all aspects of Irish music, be it Irish Traditional Music, Irish Rock Music History and/or the U2 ranked No. 1 Earning Musician. I hope that this category lists every Irish musician, Bands and even instruments that are a treasure to the Ireland.

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Traditional Scottish Gifts

There is a wide range of traditional Scottish gifts available to buy on the internet on places such as eBay and Amazon, etc. and even simply small online stores lesser well-known. These types of gifts are great for anyone that loves the country and all things Celtic! There is quite a variety of things that you can buy to ensure the receiver of your gift is more than happy with what you have bought for them. With something to suit every age and taste, you are bound to come across something that will satisfy your gift list! However, remember to check all online stores before you buy anything as some may not be verified. Also, if you are buying any particularly rare items, you should always ascertain that these products come with any authentication certificate that proves its worth to its owner.

Whilst it is always nice to buy a gift such as the aforementioned rarities and other Scottish gifts that are available to buy online, you do not necessarily need to purchase something rare in order to give someone a sentimental gift that they will enjoy and make use of. There are websites out there that offer very beautifully made or even hand – made gifts that will make any recipient very, very happy! For instance, certain websites online are making it possible for people to purchase an actual piece of Scotland! Land ownership is becoming more and more popular at the moment due to people wanting the privilege and the title that goes along with it! Not only will the recipient of your gift legally own a piece of the country, but they will also legally become a Lord (Laird) or Lady.

These kinds of gifts can be purchased at very reasonable prices; therefore allowing you to make a large impact with the gift that you give without having to bankrupt yourself in the process! A gift like this can make a great impression and will be something that the person receiving will always be able to hold dear. Something that will last and can be cherished and not only used once or twice is by far the better gift as opposed to something that will be used for the first couple of weeks or months after Christmas and then put into a drawer somewhere and forgotten about completely. Make a good impression this Christmas and start searching for your traditionally Scottish gifts now.

Irish Festivals In The United States

37 million individuals in the United States have Irish ancestors, so it makes sense that Irish celebrations in the United States are a few of the most common, comprehensive, and involving vacations in the nation.

Based on Irish news and events and their own publicity the following may be regarded the greatest Irish Festivals or the Dublin Irish Festival in America:.

  1. Bethlehem Celtic Classic
  2. North Wildwood Irish Fall Festival
  3. Chicago Celtic Fest
  4. Milwaukee Irish Fest
  5. Green Lane Park Scottish Irish Festival
  6. Dublin Irish Fest
  7. Irish Fair Minnesota – virtually
  8. Kansas City Irish Fest
  9. The Great Irish Festival NYC
  10. Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Festival
  11. North Texas Irish Fest
  12. Indy Irish Fest
  13. Riverfront Irish Festival
  14. Gaelic Park Irish Fest
  15. Terrific American Irish Festival
  16. ShamrockFest RFK
  17. ICONS Irish Music & Arts Festival
  18. Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival
  19. Irish Day Festival Long Beach, NY
  20. St Patrick’s Church Irish Festival, Richmond, VA
  21. L.a County Irish Fair & Music Festival
  22. Erin Feis on the Riverfront at Peoria
  23. Pittsburgh Irish Festival
  24. Syracuse Irish Festival
  25. Great Irish Fair of New York

Wren Day.

Likewise referred to as St. Stephen’s Day, Wren Day occurs on December 26, the day after Christmas. While in various other countries this is understood as Boxing Day, in Ireland it is a party of St. Stephen. A mock quest occurs, where straw-covered wrenboys go after a phony wren on top of a post.

The wren is a sign of the year passed by, and may have Celtic roots. Often, money is gathered from ready individuals in the crowd and donated to a regional charity. Several tunes are vocalized and it is a particularly merry holiday. Although not as common in the United States as other Irish vacations, standard Irish communities in Boston and Philadelphia do engage in traditional Wren Day entertainment.


Also though Halloween doesn’t appear very Irish whatsoever, the Celts celebrated All Hallow’s Eve in Ireland many centuries back. Numerous of the finer details and historic origins are pagan, attracting from the old Celtic vacation of Samhain. Samhain, which dates to the 10th century, is as old an Irish festival as any kind of, and obtains its name from the old Irish for “Summer’s end”, hence being commemorated in the closing days of October. Like Halloween, Samhain also marked completion of summer season and the start of winter.

While several are uninformed of it, nearly every citizen of the United States has actually partaken in a deeply Irish Halloween tradition- carving fruits! The jack-o’-lantern certainly wased derived with the Irish vacation of Samhain and actually, they initially created turnips! Its function was not simply to mimic lifeless spirits, yet to function as protection versus them. The next time you carve a fruit, keep that in mind you are taking part in among the earliest Irish celebrations.

St. Patrick’s Day & Irish Heritage Month.

Certainly, St. Patrick’s Day is the most famous of all Irish holidays in the United States. Each year on March 17th, Irish and non-Irish alike wear green outfits, pin on shamrocks, and consume traditional Irish charge. Typically, a great amount of draft beer consuming takes place too! In the past couple years especially, St. Patrick’s Day has actually come to be a United States party for any ages to delight in.

Hundreds of parades with Irish meals and dancers arise throughout the nation. Ireland-themes celebrations are tossed for the whole week, and bars and clubs have special Irish drink specials and clothing contests. In honor of this holiday and Irish society in America, March has been formally deemed Irish-American Heritage Month, with celebrations happening all month long in virtually every significant city throughout the nation.

Irish Music Festivals and Fairs.

With one in ten Americans able to straight map Irish origins, hundreds of cities country-wide have annual Irish music celebrations and fairs. Coast to shore, there are over one hundred annual Irish festivals. One of the most well-known is the Dublin, Ohio Irish Festival composed August. Among the largest, it brings over one hundred many thousand site visitors to the large event, and consists of Irish social, music and sporting occasions like Scottish Highland Games 2014 and New Hampshire Highland Games.

The Los Angeles County Irish Fair and Music Festival is among the largest Irish songs festivals in the country, celebrating anything from typical Irish songs to Celtic stone. But the greatest Irish songs festival in the United States is kepted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, coincidentally being one of the major United States microbrew capitals. An excellent recipe for an Irish celebration!

Even if your city is not stated over, do not fret, for hundreds of cities throughout the country post their Irish festival days online. A fast search should turn up some outcomes near you, where ever before you are, from a Celtic celebration in Hawaii to an Irish Music Festival in Anchorage.

Irish festivals  are embedded in American culture, and are celebrated by those of Irish heritage and those with no Irish blood in any way. We have considerably to thank the Irish for, consisting of several of the country’s preferred events.