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Sláinte, and welcome to (we call it “SIF” for short!) – SIF News, Events, & Pics. We created this blogging website for anybody foreseeing Ireland. So, settle down and travel around the categories as we communicate our clairvoyance into the Emerald Isle’s culture, history, landscape and other interesting items to the Irish Diaspora.

Here, you will dig up six types/categories of blogs -: Irish Festivals in the United States, Irish Celebrity News, Irish Traditions and Observances, Cool Bits from the Green Isle, Wisdom and Wit and Irish Music. Here is a preview of what each one blogging categories brings to the table -:

a) Irish Festivals In The United States – This category is a broad survey of Irish festivals. My goal here is to inspire anyone who read the blog by presenting the information on how Irish festivals are embedded in American culture, and are celebrated by those of Irish heritage and those with no Irish blood in any way. Based on Irish news and events and their own publicity the following may be regarded the greatest Irish Festivals or the Dublin Irish Festival in America -: Bethlehem Celtic Classic, North Wildwood Irish Fall Festival, Chicago Celtic Fest, Milwaukee Irish Fest, Green Lane Park Scottish Irish Festival and more (For further list, explore the page). I sincerely hope that ‘Irish Festivals in the United States’ provide for its readers an enjoyable reading experience while imparting knowledge as well.

b) Irish Celebrity News – Well, the fact is we are hardwired to gossip and even worship Celebrities. These are the people who provide for us a great deal of enjoyment and entertainment (on-screen and off screen). Both their mistakes and pointers are a learning experience for us. Thus, the goal of this category is to bring in the latest news about your favorite Irish celebrities. For more information about your favorite Irish celebrity you can check our post.

c) Irish Traditions and Observance – We all know that Irish tradition is hundreds of years old regardless some of which are still seen as typical customs for families (irrespective of their present location). The goal of this blog category is to help the World know and understand not only the present status of Irish cultural life style and tradition, but how they were celebrated in the past. Some of our recent posts in this category include – Irish Funeral Traditions, ST Patricks Day Traditions, Irish ASHY-Soup and Traditional Scottish Gifts. Either way, this category is my personal favorite and is an excellent place to know about various cultural/traditional aspects of Ireland.

d) Cool Bits From The Green Isle – Each week, I will be discussing and providing my readers with cool bits from the Green Isle from Traditional Irish Coffee cupcakes, Irish Dance With An Amazing Style, Irish Beauty Secrets to Skincare Reviews From Irish Celebrity. All in all, this category will be a valuable resource for our everyday discussions and chit chat.

e) Wisdom And Wit – For readers who have interest in knowing more about the Irish Curses, History of Irish Wit, Irish Humor Story, Irish Proverbs, this category is best to suit their taste and curiosity. I hope all you enjoy joining me to this journey of exploring the Ireland’s traditional folklore.

f) Irish Music – Music has big influence on Ireland’s culture and has accomplished for a long time, especially the Irish family tartans. This category will focus on all aspects of Irish music, be it Irish Traditional Music, Irish Rock Music History and/or the U2 ranked No. 1 Earning Musician. I hope that this category lists every Irish musician, Bands and even instruments that are a treasure to the Ireland.

The is open to all and I urge readers to browse the posts. Here, you will not only find a variety in topics, but variety in writing styles as well. I promise you that the quality of the content would never disappoint you, as all the posts are and will be loaded with endearing historical backdrop, personal stories, culture, tradition, fashion and food that would surely inspire you as the reader.

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